What We Do

Blue Ridge Visions offers a COMPLETErange of services to meet ALL of your web needs!

Custom Web Development

Custom web development demands high skills & excellent technical knowledge. We've chosen an open-source framework as the custom web development foundation for all of our designs, adding layers of craftsmanship on top to create a site uniquely yours.

Web Hosting

We offer web hosting solutions specializing in Joomla and HTML support.  Our hosting services are designed from the ground up to work flawlessly with all versions of Joomla, HTML5 and CSS3.  Responsive websites that are secure and supported are our top priority.  Well, besides YOU of course!


We use VirtueMart, a free, open-source product, to provide a total, customizable storefront solution for our Joomla projects. We are also HikaShop, K2 Store and JStore depending upon the complexity and your requirements. Other options are available for pure HTML5 sites too!

Maintenance & Support

Blue Ridge Visions offers packages of maintenance & support services to match your needs and your budget.  From the most basic of sites and needs to the most complex, we can manage it all.  Leaving YOU to do what you do best.  Run your business.  We'll handle te rest!

Brand Development

Brand development plays a decisive role in building your business, organization or corporation. Your image and your message should be clear, consistent and create a positive impression on your target audience. We'll get you there!


From SEO to Graphics & Logo design, domain name services, hosting, content update & management, security, support and everything in between, we can and will handle all of your needs in one shop! Call us today! It's the LITTLE things that make the BIGGEST difference!


Awesome Designs

Check out some of our most recent work and SEE FOR YOURSELF Let our designs do our talking.

Includes carefully crafted page designswith ease of updates built in.


Joomla is a FREE, OPEN-SOURCE content management system (CMS) that allows us to get your website up and running quickly with a minimum of coding and expense.  We save you time & MONEY!

Powerful & Flexible

While Joomla is free, it is also one of the most POWERFUL and FLEXIBLE web development tools available.  Far surpassing most CMS's and one of the most widely used systems to create beautiful websites, it's a great way to get going.

Supported by Thousands

No need to worry about your website left hanging out to dry.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of Joomla! developers and specialists online today, all within a phone call or email.  A quick Google search will give you reassurance that you can always find someone to assist or maintain a Joomla! website!

Safe & Secure

Joomla! is one of the safest, most secure platforms for website development today.  Constantly updated and patched, rest assured that Joomla! has your security and peace of mind at the top of their list.  Development and testing is ongoing every hour of every day.

eCommerce Ready!

With safety and security come peace of mind knowing your customers can shop safely on your site.  And with FREE and INEXPENSIVE eCommerce components available, you can get going with your new online store far less expensively than your competitors that AREN'T using Joomla!


With hundreds of thousands of websites running Joomla! including some of the LARGEST in the world  (GE uses Joomla) you can depend upon it to keep you looking GOOD for your site visitors.  And we'll make sure it stays that way!

Any Kid can do this...

Any kid with an internet connection can put up a website today, but hold on a second...

How Good Will it be?

Can they guarantee that your website meets all of the security and search standards Google requires for a top listing?  WE CAN!

Will they SUPPORT IT?

Will they be there when you need HELP with a problem, or if your website is hacked or worse?  WE WILL!

Will they be AROUND in a Year?

Or will they be off on their next big adventure, in school across the country, or in a new job somewhere on the other side of the world?  We've been in business since 1991, that's 26 YEARS.  WE WILL BE!

Do they have thousands of happy Clients?

Do they have a history of successful design and happy clients?  Are their clients worldwide, not just down the street?  Do they know HOW to work with you to insure YOUR success, not just THEIRS?  WE DO!

YOUR ideas, not theirs..

Will they try to see YOUR vision and ideas or will they just do whatever is "cool" at the moment?  WE WILL!

How do we get started?

Call us or email us using our contact form to start a discussion.  We'll want to talk about your ideas, your vision, your needs, your budget and a whole lot more before ever uploading the first file.....


Yes we can.  We can be your one-stop shop for everything you'll need to do online.  We have resources and partnerships from companies around the world as well as our own systems.  We can handle whatever you need.

Why Are You SO Much less expensive?

We use as much FREE, OPEN-SOURCE software as possible to save you thousands right up front.  Your money goes into the DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN, NOT the backend software running things.  This does NOT mean your website is "cheap", it simply means you were SMART.

Creative design

Can you bring MY vision to life?  Why, yes we can.  You just need to tell us what it is you want, what you invision, or what you've seen that you really like.  We'll work with you to get you exactly what you want.


We do the LITTLE THINGS that make a HUGE difference.  Your site will be fast, responsive, and get NOTICED, not only by potential visitors, but by Search Engines.  Browser Bar headings, meta data on every page, and much much more.

SINCE 1991

How many businesses, much less WEB DEVELOPERS and COMPUTER/IT Specialists have been around that long?  We've grown for all these years by providing UNMATCHED SERVICE & SUPPORT along with FAIR & REASONABLE RATES, and done it ALL by nothing more than WORD OF MOUTH.  If you like our work, you'll tell others about us.  It's that simple.  And it obviously WORKS!  We're still here aren't we?  All thanks to YOU!

Since 1991Your connection to internet greatness!