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The Orchard at Altapass

The Orchard at Altapass

Project Details

The Altapass Foundation wanted to replace their older Wordpress website with something more modern, flexible and above all, FRESH.  When they approached us, after lenghty discussions and meeting with everyone involved, we recommended that they utilize the Joomla! open-source CMS for its' flexibility, support, and features.
  • Client: Altapass Foundation
  • Solution:Joomla! CMS
  • Date:2018
  • Type:Nonprofit
  • Website:Orchard

Over View

Emphasis was placed on a more VISUAL approach and highlighting the EVENTS which are one of the most popular attractions of the Orchard.  Weekly musical perfomances, dances, hayrides, ecucational and entertainment programs and much more.  We chose Joomla's popular RS Events Pro event management system to provide a highly customizable events system with imagery and ticket system.
In addition to the events component, we added Joomshaper's Page Builder component to allow authorized personnel to add, edit and remove content as needed from the front end of the website.  By simply logging in, those with appropriate permissions can manage the website directly without the need for administrative access to the back end of the website.  This makes it a very easy for the user.

Project Goals

A highly VISUAL design, ease of navigation for the site visitor, minimal management learning curve, highly customizable, scalable, SEO ready, perfomance enabled for mobile users, low data useage, speed, reliability and above all, supported for the life of the project.

Joomla! meets all of these requirements virtually out of the box, but we've added enhancements to help attain all of the current and anticipated needs of the client.  

  • Keep costs low using FREE, Open-Source components where possible.
  • Create a user EXPERIENCE for the site visitor.  Interesting and informative.
  • Simplify site management, support and analytics.  Be USER FRIENDLY.
  • Adaptable to any future use, ability to KEEP CURRENT with web standards.
  • Generate PHYSICAL TRAFFIC to the Orchard at Altapass by creating an exciting, unique and always-evolving experience.  

Project Components

In addition to the base Joomla! CMS, we utilized a custom, commercial template to speed the initial design process and customized it to fit the clients' needs.  The template came from Joomshaper's extensive assortment of beautiful designs.  Then we added all of the required components, modules and plugins to the system to bring the vision to life.  A list of some of the products used is below....
  • Joomshaper's commercial Page Builder Pro
  • RS Joomla's Events Pro
  • CMC Mailchimp for Joomla!
  • Joom Donation donor system
  • SP Simple Portfolio
  • RS Form! Pro
  • RS Media Gallery
  • JCE Editor
  • JCH Optimize Pro
  • SEO Optimizer

End Results

Our client, the Altapass Foundation, could not have been more pleased with the end result.  The compliments from previous and new site visitors has increased the public's awareness of not only their Orchard, but all of the programs they bring to their visitors on a daily basis.  It has also allowed them to generate much more income from sponsorships for programs, musical acts and special paid programming they offer to help support their efforts.  2019 will bring about a massive increase in special events and we're now developing several new events-only sites to add to their growing online presence.  Along with a totally new site coming in 2019 for their Apple Core Grill, we'll be constantly improving on all of their sites as they continue to grow and expand.  The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes.  They've got them some exceptional puddin' now!

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