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The IT Partnership for WNC, Inc.

The IT Partnership for WNC, Inc.

Project Details

The IT Partnership For WNC, Inc. is a sister project of Universal Computer Services, Blue Ridge Visions of Spruce Pine, and UCS Hosting.  Our group of companies have been assisting local and regional nonprofits for several years at low or no cost to help them utilize their limited resources to the fullest extent assisting those who are part of their core missions.  Registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in July of 2018 as an umbrella for providing all of our services through our own nonprofit in an effort to provide even more services through the generosity of our members, supporters and the generous public.
  • Client: IT Partnership for WNC
  • Solution:Joomla! CMS
  • Date:2018
  • Type:Nonprofit
  • Website:ITP4WNC

Over View

Emphasis was placed on a more informational approach and highlighting the SERVICES which are the key mission of our nonprofit.  We chose Joomla obviously as it is our bread and butter free, open-source content management system, and because it is one of only a few options available that will fully integrate with many of the platforms available to the nonprofit community for tracking contributors, contributions, programs, users and more.
We selected the Free, Shaper Helix 3 template for its' flexibility, features and of course its' cost (free!), we added Joomshaper's Page Builder component to allow authorized personnel to add, edit and remove content as needed from the front end of the website.  This will allow us the flexibility to assign functions to any number of users who would maintain the site.

Project Goals

A highly INFORMATIONAL design, ease of navigation for the site visitor, minimal management learning curve, highly customizable, scalable, SEO ready, perfomance enabled for mobile users, low data useage, speed, reliability and above all, supported for the life of the project.

Joomla! meets all of these requirements virtually out of the box, but we've added enhancements to help attain all of the current and anticipated needs of the client.  

  • Keep costs low using FREE, Open-Source components where possible.
  • Create a user EXPERIENCE for the site visitor.  Interesting and informative.
  • Simplify site management, support and analytics.  Be USER FRIENDLY.
  • Adaptable to any future use, ability to KEEP CURRENT with web standards.
  • Generate PHYSICAL TRAFFIC to the IT Partnership for WNC, Inc. site by creating an informative, useful and educational experience.  
IT Partnership for WNC, Inc.

Project Components

In addition to the base Joomla! CMS, we utilized a free, modern template to speed the initial design process and customized it to fit our needs.  The template came from Joomshaper's extensive assortment of beautiful designs.  Then we added all of the required components, modules and plugins to the system to bring the vision to life.  A list of some of the products used is below....
  • Joomshaper's commercial Page Builder Pro
  • RS Joomla's Events Pro
  • CMC Mailchimp for Joomla!
  • Joom Donation donor system
  • iSEO by iJoomla for fully automated SEO services
  • Membership Pro
  • Multilingual Plugin
  • JCE Editor
  • JCH Optimize Pro
  • SEO Optimizer

End Results

We could not have been more pleased with the end result.  Our chief interest in designing and hosting this website is to generate interest in the services we have to offer to other local and regional nonprofits, to get the word out, and to generate the necessary resources to be able to provide these and more services to anyone who requests them.  (If you or your company would like to assist us in our efforts, please visit the website and join as a member, sponsor, advertiser or donor!)

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