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Bad Apples Flyin

Bad Apples Flyin

  • Our mission for the 2020 fly-in is to support those who risked their lives and impacted their health in support of a greater mission.
    We will be donating the proceeds from the fly-in to Resurgence PPG. Your payments will go towards supporting those who served their country and paid the price. We ask that you consider this when making your purchase decisions and donations; you will be helping to improve and even save the lives of those who risked all.
    To find out more about Resurgence PPG, visit their website at www.resurgenceppg.com
  • 2 February 2020 - Partnering with Resurgence PPG
    In case you missed the memo at the top of the page, all of the proceed from the 2020 fly-in will be donated to Resurgence PPG
  • 2 February 2020 - Let the next one begin!
    We are working on the details for the 2020 fly and looking forward to the day!


Bad Apples Hodges Field Flyin


19 February 2021


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